I have made an unexpected and happy discovery, that I have an audio copy of Alan Bennett’s book, The Uncommon Reader. I love listening to Alan read this wonderfully funny book.

I’m really happy that our refrigerator is making ice again. File that under, “things that I take for granted until they don’t work!”

An Open Letter to Santa Claus Regarding His Travel Plans 🎅🏻😄

After a wonderful online seminar this morning for men who identify as highly sensitive, I went for a walk to move the body and rest weary eyes.

Here are some photographs - courtesy of Martin Caprile, MJC HAWAII, www.martincaprile.com - of Jaws and those who surfed it a couple of days ago. One copied here, the others can be found on the Maui Now website.

Well so much for the “California weather” from a couple of days ago. It is now overcast and raining…but I like this weather as well. It is the closest that I will get here to a northern latitude, read British, winter.

I am looking forward to the 2nd Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar this coming Saturday. Most of all to sit in the company, virtually, with men of a the same personality trait as myself, to share stories and experiences. I believe that there is still time to sign up?

We are having some beautiful weather at the moment. My wife calls it “California weather.” Cool mornings and evenings. Sharp, clear days with sun and blue sky. Warm, maybe even hot weather by midday, but also comfortable enough to wear jeans all day as opposed to shorts!

This morning I could see a helicopter in the distance, flying over the cliffs. It turns out Jaws, the Peahi wave, is breaking and so a competition will be on. They are predicting 30-50’ waves. I am no surfer, but I have great respect for these surfers. Here’s a video from 2014.

I went over to the south side of Maui yesterday evening to meet with a couple of good friends. We sat on the beach and chatted until long after the sun had set. At dusk I saw my first water spout of the season, a sign of the humpback whales who come to these waters to calf.

Yeh! I have just crossed the Microblogvember 2020 finishing line. ✍🏻 🏁

I have two blogs hosted on Micro.blog and two things reinforce that decision for me. One is the features and support (is that two in itself?!). The second is the community. I see this typified in events like Microblogvember. I’m feeling very grateful. ✍🏻

Following on from yesterday’s discovery that it will take 5 to 6 weeks to order an Apple HomePod Mini from their online store, my wife found out that it will only take 9 days from Best Buy (and only $0.99 more). So I have just placed the order.

A little Christmas colour to add to the already present colours in Maui Mall. 🎄

It’s gone! 😳 Mystery metal monolith vanishes from Utah desert

I’ve lived about half my life in the country and half in cities. I think that I’m more of a country person, but give me a walkable city and I love being a pedestrian. Of just being able to walk out my front door to get to a local store, or just stroll the neighborhood. ✍🏻

Ordering a new Apple HomePod Mini online, the wait is 5 to 6 weeks. Going into a store and availability is now. The second option is not available to me. I wonder why the online wait is so long? Demand? New product? Other?

When I had a tooth infection recently, my COVID mask served a second purpose, covering up the swelling on the side of my mouth. When I didn’t have it on, as I was speaking with folks I could their eyes straying to the bump on the side of my face. ✍🏻

If I have a dilemma to solve, I work best if I have some time to ruminate over the problem. That’s not to say that I cannot operate under pressure. Sometimes I think that is the best. Less procrastination. I’m just speaking about what works best for me. ✍🏻

I’ve just quickly put together a playlist together on Apple Music for dinner later this evening. Maybe some editing will happen over the coming days (after the event!), but I look forward to playing it tonight. You can find it under David’s Thanksgiving if you are following me.

I feel that I adjust pretty well when I move to a new place, whether that is a new town or new country. If I have any requirement for finding my feet, it is simply to be given the time and space to find my way. I move better with slow & gently, versus fast & abrupt. ✍🏻

If I receive a call with no called ID or is a number that I don’t know, nine times out of ten I will let it go to the answer machine. If a message is left and I need to call back, I will…in good time. It’s one way that the INFJ in me can show up. ✍🏻

I love this Dumpster Fire over at Hey Email. Doing their bit to clear the grime from the year. Instructions and context at the website, and if you have a Hey email address, use it to jump the queue.

I received an email from the Ulysses’ developers this morning asking if I wanted to join alpha testing of posting to Micro.blog this December. They said that it was a “limited alpha.” I accepted. // @manton @macgenie @cheesemaker

Loan mushroom on a stormy day.