My local post office offers three reasons for wearing a mask in public during these times. These reasons come under the headings of,

  • Humility
  • Kindness
  • Community

Thank you Haiku Post Office.

The relentless expanse of the ocean. Hana, Maui. August 2016.

Day 26 of mbaug

Finished reading: Hardboiled and Hard Luck by Yoshimoto Banana 📚

Lacoste, France. September 2018.

Day 25 of mbaug

A snowman in my back garden when I lived in South Wales. March 2004.

Day 24 of mbaug

A Hawaiian blessing in Portland for a catamaran that had been built in the city, and was just about to head off across the Pacific for Maui. July 2009.

Day 23 of mbaug

Nothing more to add.

Day 22 of mbaug

New moon and clouds at dusk last night.

The crunch, crunch of a pebbly beach. This beach is in Porlock, Somerset, UK. The photo was taken five years ago.

Day 21 of mbaug

I have been playing around with CSS to make the categories on my Archive page display horizontally and not vertically. I know very little about CSS and so it has been trial & error with no results. If it is simple, can anyone help?

I’ve watched this old railway carriage, in a corner of South Wales, change over the decades as it is slowly taken over by the natural world surrounding it.

Day 20 of mbaug

This morning it is grey, overcast and raining. This weather makes me feel like hunkering down at home for the day. I quietly hope that the rain stays through the day.

I’m not sure if these count as ribbons, but I’ll take them! Rolls of indigo cloth tied up with ribbons in a fabric factory in Chikugo-shi, Fukuoka, Japan.

Day 19 of mbaug

The wire grid pattern that makes up the fence around our property.

Day 18 of mbaug

Late afternoon rainbow. It is possible to make out another one just above it. At one point there was a third. 🌈

Bronx, mostly cuddly, but not always!

Day 17 of mbaug

This one wasn’t going anywhere very quickly. Taken in Florida a couple of years ago.

Day 16 of mbaug

Inside looking out.

Day 15 of mbaug

Nature’s patterns.

Among the ruins of Glanum, south of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. A sober reminder of the transitory nature of civilizations.

Day 14 of mbaug

Filtering the morning brew.

Day 13 of mbaug

There is some construction going on across the road from me. The workers there have a radio playing music, and the station just played a string of 80’s hits. I had my head buried in work, but found suddenly myself transported back to a summer in my early twenties.

This photo was taken in a fabric weaving factory in Yame, southern Japan in October 2016. Noise might have been a better prompt than sound as the volume was deafening!

Day 12 of mbaug

Well the weather forecast did not forecast correctly last night and I was unable to get a view of the Perseids Meteor Shower. Cloud and rain instead of clear skies.

I’m hoping to get a view of the Perseids Meteor Shower. The weather looks clear, moon rise isn’t until after midnight, and so fingers crossed for a good display. 🤞🏻