You might have to look very close here, but this photo is taken from the Koloiki Ridge on Lana’i, with Moloka’i on the left and Maui on the right.


The Georgia law is eye-popping, but it is only one of more than 250 measures in 43 states designed to keep Republicans in power no matter what voters want.

I keep reading this paragraph from today’s Letter from an American by Heather Cox Richardson, and just wonder how a people can consciously and with purpose choose to block their fellow citizens from voting?

Evening views at the beach.

My grandson playing in the rock pools.

The setting sun.

I’ve just updated my Now page. About time really, as it has been stuck in November last year since….well November last year!

I’m not spending much time in coffee shops these days, but I took some time this morning to sit outside at Maui Coffee Attic.

We watched Promising Young Woman last night. I highly recommend it. 🍿

Finished reading: Manazuru by Hiromi Kawakami📚

Early to HEY, later to HEY World

I’m unclear. If I am using iCloud Drive to store a folder of text files (accessible via different apps on iOS & Mac OS), does iCD keep old versions of the files? If so, for how long and how do I access them? I ask as I have read that it does, but I cannot find the details.

I’m intrigued by the look of Freezeframe and would definitely like to take it for a spin when the app becomes available.

I’m in the market for a Calendar app…I’m an old Fantastical user until it moved to a subscription model, and returned to the stock app. I have tried a number of apps, but my two main contenders are Fantastical and BusyCal, but I’m still not sure about that subscription though?!

I posted Episode 49 (Widening our circle, taking tonglen further) of the Behind The Thoughts podcast today, but I think that it got lost during a hiccup, so re-announcing it here.

Having just read my emails and seen the announcement of Hey World’s launch, as I then went to open my timeline I thought, “I bet the first post I see is about Hey,” and sure enough…. 😁🙌🏻

Starting my Field Notes annual subscription.

We watched The Little Things last night. It starred Denzel Washington, Rami Malek & Jared Leto, and the performances from these three are the glue that hold the movie together. I struggled hearing some of the dialogue early on, but it is worth your time IMO. 🍿

I spent some time yesterday evening playing around with URL schemes as I tried to build a Drafts action. I was aware of URL schemes existence but had not had reason to directly interact with them, or I’d tried my best to avoid them out of unfounded fear!

As it turned out, I really enjoyed myself just getting dirty and figuring things out. It reminded me of the experimenting and playing that I used to do when I taught myself to code many moons ago. My preference then was always for just playing around, trying this and that and seeing what happened. When education formalized the process for me, I struggled.

Having bought the cookbook Vegan Japan Easy  a little while back (ahem), I though it about time that I try a recipe. A couple of nights back I prepared this “Ramen for Faye Wong,” as it was titled. Two hours lates(!) I was pleased with the outcome - both looks and taste.

Well I don’t think that the weather gods have seen the forecast this morning.

Showers until noon, then sun.

If the rain falling outside now can be classified as showers, I don’t want to see a torrential downpour!

My love of Ulysses has been rekindled with their support for publishing and how the app handles that. With the new Beta that includes managing multiple blogs under one account. Other options include publishing right away, scheduling or save as a draft.

Last night we watched Nomandland on Hulu, about a woman (played by Frances McDormand) leading a modern day nomadic existence in the American West. I enjoyed it. 🍿

Watching the airplanes come in and leave each day, following flight paths close to our house, it is as though they are traveling highways in the sky, each following the seemingly exact same path as the previous one.

Yesterday was a day of draft form filling, my application for US citizenship. There are still some blanks that I need to check the answers to and some accompanying paperwork to collect. For now though I’ll leave it for a couple of days, and take a rest.

Whoah! The thunder is rumbling this morning. The Gods up on Haleakala have something to say as the house shakes, the rain falls, the wind picks up and the clouds descend.

I don’t listen to audio books often, but last night I discovered that I could listen to a book that I had downloaded to my Kindle, via the iOS Kindle app. Resting my tired eyes and having the book read to me was lovely. This rekindles 😬 thoughts of upgrading my old Kindle.

Instead of a photo for Day 14 of February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge, compassion, I want to thank Maui Fire Department and the Medics who took such good and professional care of my wife after she took a fall at home today. I am waiting at the hospital now, but all sounds good.