I’ve just started the upgrade process to Big Sur. I think that this is the earliest that I have adopted a new version on an Apple OS upgrade - the day of release.

The elements here in Hawai’i can inflict their fare share of wear and tear on a house. What with the trade winds, rain, hot sun and salty ocean air - even a couple of miles in from the ocean - that is a lot for a structure to cope with. ✍🏻

An old business center in Lahaina, Maui.

There are times when I don’t say that much, and times when I can sit and talk and talk. The former is the more likely. ✍🏻

HH the Dalai Lama’s letter congratulating President-elect Joe Biden

My wife and I watched the first episode of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix last night. I enjoyed it and look forward to the rest of the series. It also reminded me of my amazement at the capacity and capability of chess Grandmasters’ minds.

I’ve just started reading: A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki 📚

I love the Japanese pixel art on this site. The artist is Yuuta Toyoi.

When I was kid there was a home for the elderly just down the road from us. Some of those who lived there use to walk along our quiet road on their way to the local shops and library. It was a great opportunity for the young me to get to know our more senior neighbours. ✍🏻

I use to push through regardless during the day, forcing myself to work even if I was tired. Now, situation permitting, I allow myself a short, nourishing nap. ✍🏻

A couple of hours ago we were sitting on a beach, and I was looking for shade it was so hot. Now this….well I did want rain! 🌧

Yesterday evening’s walk along Baldwin Beach, just catching the sunset.

While I find that I can get use to most things with time, there always appears to be one or two things that just seem to remain a bind, remaining a niggling presence or felt obligation in my life. ✍🏻

I’ve just updated my Now page.

Today we were going to inflate some balloons and have a Lu’au to celebrate my grandson’s first birthday. However, both grandsons have had a cold and so the celebrations have been postponed until next week…though the weather doesn’t look too good then. Fingers crossed🤞🏻. ✍🏻

I’m exploring and experimenting with the new wallpapers that came with iOS 14.2.

Rain, rain, rain. It is overcast and wet outside. We’ve needed it. ☔️

Those days - hours/weeks/months? - when I could just disappear into a world of thought and reflection.

When I question other people’s choices, I need to remind myself that they probably find some of my choices just as puzzling. ✍🏻

I sat in the car in a parking lot to do a short loving kindness meditation before heading home. Creating a pause in the day, and a softening of the heart. I did, however, forget the Book in the Car.

I’m of below average height and wonder what it would be like to be so tall that I would have to stoop to pass under a doorway, or to be able to see over a crowd. ✍🏻

I am happy where I live, but at times I do wish my family lived nearer to me, or me to them. My parents, sister’s family and I are spread between England, New Zealand and Hawai’i. In part it is a yearning for family to be closer, in part it is a yearning for home. ✍🏻

Noticing how my mind looks for or manufactures distractions when I don’t want to do that job.

OK, enough for tonight. Results have slowed down to snail pace now. This feels too close to call, but going to bed with fingers crossed.

I’m finding the sound of rain falling outside quite soothing right now.