There’s been a lot of activity, and eating, over the last couple of days. I am ready for a movie this evening…nothing else.

This was accidently posted to the wrong blog. Correcting the error and date now: Waking up to the white egrets flying east for their day. Home for them appears to be somewhere west of us, and the days are spent on the eastern edge of the island. Merry Christmas to you all. 🎄

This has been an unexpected ”finding new” early afternoon.

I just watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on Apple TV+. Aside from enjoying the antics of the Peanuts gang, I love the Christmas message and spirit that is conveyed through the short animation.

What a beautiful day! 🌞🎄

This quote from Bryan Stevenson is sitting with me today,

Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.

Melissa and I are not long back from a lovely evening at Mama’s Fish House to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Mama’s does the Hawai’i experience so well. I’m happy that they survived the pandemic after rumours that they were closing, and they are handling reopening well.

The Winter Solstice, the Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction, AND Melissa and my 13th wedding anniversary. A day of auspiciousness. 😊 Here’s a fun picture of us in England five years ago, on a cold winter’s day. ❤️

Listening to Essential Carols - The Very Best of King’s College Choir, Cambridge by Choir of King’s College, Cambridge. 🎵

I’m looking for a site that hosts audio files in the same way that YouTube and Vimeo host videos, but preferably without advertisements, and not specifically a podcast hoster.

I’m nurturing a throbbing head today, day 2 of the migraine, and taking it quietly.

This is the time of year that I wish there was a Trader Joe’s just down the road, for all of those European treats that make the Holidays, the Holidays for me (and transports me home). 🎄🏠

I’ve suffered from migraines since I was in my mid-teens. They are not as ferocious, a very apt description, as they use to be and occur less frequently. However, they do occur out of the blue, catching me unaware, and can last from one to four days, three being an average.

Well I have now transferred all of my videos from YouTube to Vimeo and deleted my YouTube page. While I still have some exploring around the options that Vimeo offers, for now I am happy with the layout of my Vimeo page, videos being grouped together appropriately.

Another book that arrived today from Powell’s Books (thanks to a book token that I was given over a year ago 🤦🏼‍♂️). A very old copy of Now We Are Six I owned, that was falling to pieces, I foolishly passed on when clearing out. I have missed it ever since. Wrong now righted!

I can’t remember who on mentioned this book? It was a while ago. A long while ago from my memory, but at long last I have bought my own copy. It’s beautifully presented. I look forward to delving into it, and exploring the aromas and tastes that it hints at.

I watched The Only Living Boy in New York last night and thoroughly enjoyed the story that it told. Jeff Bridges plays a lovely old character. Well worth your time, I believe. 🍿

My wife & I sat outside last night to watch the Geminids Meteor shower. We saw a few meteors, both quick flashes and long streaks. We would have stayed longer, but tiredness got the better of us.

Silhouette and star at sunset.

I watched the first Bond film, Dr. No the other night. I wanted an evening of nostalgia and escape. When the film was made in 1962 my mother was in Jamaica and saw the “dragon” used in the film sitting in a shed. She said that it was a tractor covered in a design. 🍿

I paid for a full subscription to Castro today. It has helped me get into more regular podcast listening, more than any other podcast app that I have tried. The workflow just works for me.

It’s so still and quiet this morning. Something to rest into.

Set up and in place. We have a HomePod in another bigger space. This Mini is in a small room & I think has an incredible sound for its size. Its big brother has a richer sound, but I am very happy with this purchase. Along with a family plan, music can now be played in 2 rooms.

Moving from YouTube to Vimeo

I’m exploring moving my videos, which to date are all concerned with meditation, from YouTube to Vimeo. I am on a trial account with Vimeo for a month and have started uploading my videos to the platform. This will take a couple of weeks because the Vimeo plan that I am on has a weekly upload limit.

So why move? YouTube is free, and I believe it has greater visibility than Vimeo. I have also heard that it is the second most popular search engine, though I cannot vouch for that. Added to which streaming, once mastered, is pretty easy on YouTube. With Vimeo that is only possible in a membership tear for which I cannot justify the price.

The move is prompted by my preference for the look of Vimeo, its lack of advertisements, and being a little further away from the all seeing eyes of Google. Of course the latter means, as I indicated above, that I loose the visibility that comes with the prominence that YouTube enjoys. I am telling myself that I can live without that for now. As for the streaming features, I rarely use them and when I do, I can reach for something else and save the video if I wish.

I’m in touch with Vimeo support to clear up a couple of profile issues which either aren’t working or I don’t understand correctly. In the meantime, for the next couple of weeks I shall continue to explore if this is the place where I wish to host my videos.

Today I am touched by the kindness of friends. Sometimes the kindness of others almost overwhelms me, like when someone just drops everything to help. There is good in this world.