A centipede catching the early morning light. These critters have a very nasty bite as my wife can attest to. She needed antibiotics to manage the swelling. Stay away from them.


I post a lot of sunsets here, and I couldn’t resist adding this evening’s to the mix.

Balloon Fiesta, Bristol, UK. August, 2015.


Flatiron building, NYC, 2015.


The sun setting after the passing of Hurricane Douglas. Here in this corner of Maui the storm was really pretty mellow. I hope that the same goes for others across the State.

Views from yesterday, an overcast and wet Sunday afternoon. 😴

Two faces of Maui.

A jungle covered fresh water swimming hole.

Remote rugged cliffs where the West Maui Mountains drop into the ocean.

Journaling light.

Waihee Beach Park for a picnic lunch. The tide was too high for a walk, and so we surprised a friend who lives nearby that we hadn’t seen for months.

Today’s papaya harvest. The two long ones are Strawberry papayas, our first.

Tulip petals.

Empty Maui Mall parking lot.

Late night words.

Garden harvest. A first with the eggplants. The tomatoes are ending their productive cycle with the current plants. That bowl was a lot more full a few days ago.

I had to use the panorama feature on the iPhone to capture this double rainbow. 🌈

To the clifftop.

Big sky.

Sunset yesterday evening at Turtle Bay.

Leaves grow big in these parts.


I don’t know what species of tomato these two are, but they are delicious. Just picked in the garden and illuminated by the early morning sun.

Random acts of kindness.

With grateful thanks to @rnv for hearing my yearning for Hobnobs on micro.blog a couple of weeks back and very kindly sending me two packets. They arrived yesterday and a cup of tea tastes all that much better for having a Hobnob to dunk!

I found myself in a field of sunflowers today.

The cliffs at Ho’okipa.

We were blessed with a beautiful rainbow this morning.