The clouds and wind are growing. I’m hoping that this means some rain after a very hot, dry spell. This is very much fingers crossed 🤞🏻 as rain has been forecast before and nothing materialized.

Giggle Hill, the name of the park and the hill, from the ground.

Plumeria flowers in Hana, Maui.

Kyoto, Japan - October 2016.

Memories of visiting Saiho-ji and it’s beautiful moss gardens in October 2016.

The carpet of moss in the garden.

And a magical grotto formed around a small lake.

Happy memories of sitting around this fire pit last night, chatting until late.

For the “A Day In The Life” photo challenge.

🗺 Lunch at All Kine Maui Grindz in Haiku Marketplace, Haiku, HI.
🕰 1:35PM HST
🍽 Eggplant tofu

Last Saturday a friend & I hiked Haleakala crater. We left the summit at just after sunrise and we’re back at our vehicle 8 hours later. We arrived at the summit just before sunrise, and as the sun crested over the horizon, the park rangers invoked a Hawaiian chant to welcome its arrival

Pre-sunrise it was cold 🥶. No amount of clothing seemed to keep the cold at bay, but as we set off the rising sun did its job of warming up the thin air.

And so we headed down into the crater. We were blessed with beautiful weather all day, the thinner air of altitude increasing the felt exposure to the sun.

On the way down we passed Silver Swords, a plant and species that is endemic to this crater.

Some of the views of the barren valley floor. Haleakala crater is actually a collapsed mountain. This explanation will not be very scientific, but there use to be a mountain “covering” this cater which has slowly eroded over the years.

Some of the iron and sulphur colouring of the rocks.

A local Né Né goose amidst changing vegetation.

An old lava tube with the preserved ripples of lava still visible.

Heading towards the wall that we would climb to leave the crater.

Views as we climbed out of the crater, first as the cloud rolled in from the east side of Maui, and then looking back into the crater. I left exhausted, aching (I’m still feeling it), but exhilarated and grateful for a wonderful day.

Early morning view.

A view from within Haleakala crater from yesterday’s walk.

Just after this photograph was taken, and while we were enjoying a picnic dinner overlooking the ocean, the International Space Station flew over.

My stickers have arrived. 🎇 Thank you @macgenie for sending them.

Sunrise in Hana, East Maui, yesterday.

West from east. West Maui from Maluaka Beach on east Maui.

The front cover.

A mongoose visiting the flower bed just outside our house. I think that we have a family floating around the property. I have seen a couple of youngsters running around.

We unplugged yesterday and took a trip to Hana on the Eastern edge of Maui, spending the day with some friends at Hamoa Beach.

We took a brief break at Keanae from the twisty road to Hana, here looking westwards.

Once at Homoa, the Big Island was clear to see.

I took a nap (my view!)

And a view of Hamoa Beach as we left.

Scenes from upcountry Maui.

This morning’s double rainbow. I had to use pano mode on my phone to capture this, it was so big. 🌈

Living in a hot, sunny climate, I find something comforting about waking up to a wet, overcast morning, especially when that morning is on a Sunday. I’m sure that this is related to my UK origins.

I have been visiting the ruins of Tintern Abbey since I was a kid. I like to be there after the day’s visitors have left, to sit beside the river Wye, taking in the stillness that inhabits this beautiful place.

Day 31 of mbaug

Back in the late 80’s when I was out discovering the world and myself. This slide is of Erhai Lake near the then small town of Dali, Yunnan, China.

Day 30 of mbaug

I feel that this door’s look benefits from the flaky look as the paint peels off. Taken in Hudson, NY last year.

Day 29 of mbaug

My wife will be arriving home tomorrow following the sad passing of my wonderful mother-in-law. We shall no longer look out over this Florida scene.

Day 28 of mbaug

This vehicle has been overcome by age.

Day 27 of mbaug