Last night I watched On The Rocks on Apple TV+ and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe a little slow at first and a little wanting for more in places, but overall well done and funny. I especially enjoyed Bill Murray, a role made for it and his delivery. 🍿

I watched Rebecca on Netflix yesterday afternoon while the rain fell outside. It felt like a guilty pleasure that I haven’t indulged in for a while. 🍿

Yesterday, I watched the documentary My Octupus Teacher on Netflix. An extraordinary feature that I highly recommend. I was left wondering just how much our modern society has lost, or is missing. 🍿

Another Studio Ghibli evening last night. Grave of the Fireflies this time. As others here have some said, the story the movie tells is tragic & sad, but it is told so well & in a way that I believe only good animation can. Reflecting afterwards on the tragedy of war. 🍿

I watch Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke last night, as I make my way through the animation studio’s movies now on HBO Max. And what a visual treat it was, both the animation and the story. 🍿

It has been a Studio Ghibli weekend. I saw,

  • From Up on Poppy Hill on Friday, and
  • My Neighbor Totoro this evening.

I thoroughly enjoyed them both. Wonderful animation and such attention to detail. 🍿

My wife and I watched Roman Holiday last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was lovely to watch an old black & white movie, never mind a good one at that! 🍿

I saw Just Mercy last night. One of those movies that I come home from and start reading up on the history behind the story. Sad and hopeful. A reminder of good people out there doing important work. I recommend seeing it. 🍿

I went to see Dark Waters last night. I enjoyed it very much, if “enjoy” is the right word? Really the telling of a true story that effects us all, it angered me what big companies will do in the name of profit & power, even if that means harming others.🍿

I watched The Irishman last night. From the opening scenes I knew that I was in for something special. It was long, yes, but I felt well paced, told a story beautifully, and was took you back to a time & place. Directed & acted by giants of cinema. Go see it. 🍿

I saw the Korean film, Parasite, last night. I highly recommend it. Well acted and with a couple of unexpected twists in the later parts of the film. 🍿

I saw The Farewell at the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the movie worthy of its good reviews, and found it refreshing to watch a film for the most part situated in a culture other than Hollywood and that I am not so familiar with. 🍿

I saw The Lion King last night and enjoyed it. Despite what the critics said, I thought that it was a good film which stood well alongside the original. Having said that, I wish that Disney would come up with some original ideas and not just CGI old favorites. 🍿

Hayfever is a problem for me if I visit Britain over the summer. Although I am taking something to try and dry me up, yesterday was particularly bad. I went to see a matinée showing of Yesterday…yesterday to benefit from the theater’s A/C for a couple of hours. 😷🍿

Just back from seeing the movie, The Mustang. Highly recommended. 🍿

Off to see Long Shot tonight 🍿

My wife and I took our grandson to see Dumbo this evening. We were disappointed with it, and left before it finished…and it was probably a bit too mature for him as well. 🍿

I saw the Green Book last night with my wife. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Great performances from Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen. A well told story that has just sat with me in a very pleasant way since yesterday evening.🍿