If I have a dilemma to solve, I work best if I have some time to ruminate over the problem. That’s not to say that I cannot operate under pressure. Sometimes I think that is the best. Less procrastination. I’m just speaking about what works best for me. ✍🏻

I’ve just quickly put together a playlist together on Apple Music for dinner later this evening. Maybe some editing will happen over the coming days (after the event!), but I look forward to playing it tonight. You can find it under David’s Thanksgiving if you are following me.

I feel that I adjust pretty well when I move to a new place, whether that is a new town or new country. If I have any requirement for finding my feet, it is simply to be given the time and space to find my way. I move better with slow & gently, versus fast & abrupt. ✍🏻

If I receive a call with no called ID or is a number that I don’t know, nine times out of ten I will let it go to the answer machine. If a message is left and I need to call back, I will…in good time. It’s one way that the INFJ in me can show up. ✍🏻

I love this Dumpster Fire over at Hey Email. Doing their bit to clear the grime from the year. Instructions and context at the website, and if you have a Hey email address, use it to jump the queue.

I received an email from the Ulysses’ developers this morning asking if I wanted to join alpha testing of posting to Micro.blog this December. They said that it was a “limited alpha.” I accepted. // @manton @macgenie @cheesemaker

Loan mushroom on a stormy day.

Eight months ago, when Maui first went into lockdown because of the pandemic, we were very unsure as to what was going to happen. Because of that, and probably alongside a degree of fear, we went out buying frenzy, making sure that we had provisions for the long haul. ✍🏻

I felt captured today, in a strangely humorous way. I had some swelling around a lower tooth. Before I knew it my day’s plans had changed to an early visit to the dentist, and from there to a dental surgeon. I am now minus one tooth! ✍🏻

When I was traveling back in the 80’s, border crossings always brought on a sense of excitement and anticipation. A little formality before stepping into adventures in a new country. Borders, Country or State, still bring up in me that sense of excited anticipation. ✍🏻

My wife & I got through the first three episodes of Long Way Up last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to the rest. One take away was don’t embark on such a journey unless you have good backing…or a lot of patience and plenty of time!

As winter approaches, the change in attire is less pronounced here in Hawai’i than in more northerly latitudes. I can miss the change to warmer clothes and the sense of hunkering down, hibernating that comes with that. Though the cooler mornings and evenings are welcome. ✍🏻

Hate hurts the hater. Let it go. Move toward what you love instead.

~ Laurie Helgoe

Memories fade but the scars still linger…

Memories Fade by Tears for Fears.

This is what immediately came to mind, though I don’t know why, when I saw today’s Microblogvember word. This song and seeing Tears for Fears in concert in Bristol, England sometime in the 80’s. ✍🏻

I remember as a kid an adult telling me that, “everything is possible, but some things are highly improbable.” At the time I thought that I had been told the highest wisdom, and loved to go around imparting this to my friends, feeling how wise I was! ✍🏻

This seems like a good move by Apple - Apple to lower commissions for small businesses on App Store.

Listening to Barack Obama: A Promised Land on Apple Music, a playlist curated by the former President in honor of his new memoir.

A little gecko sitting on the a/c controls.

I miss traveling by train. I love just being able to sit back and watch the world go by, whether it’s a short journey or one of many hours. In places on Maui one sees the old tracks from the sugarcane trains, but they don’t run anymore, though there are aspirations. ✍🏻

Yesterday family and neighbors gathered for a Lu’au and a Kahuna’s blessing to celebrate my grandson’s first birthday. Instead of seeing the event through the lens of my phone’s camera, which I left in the house, my memories were born solely from remembered experiences. ✍🏻

There are some days when, almost out of the blue, I feel far from home. I am happy where I am living now. I have family and friends around me. Then something will trigger a memory, a deep remembrance from the past and I am transported…maybe to the home of my heart? ✍🏻

I haven’t put up a rainbow photo for a while. This one is from this morning. 🌈

In the middle of a sugar cane field here on Maui are the ruins of an old mill. The roots of trees have started to take it over the large building, as have the aerosol additions of human painted graffiti. My memory is of a spooky, foreboding feeling hanging over the structure. ✍🏻

And what does it mean to waste time anyway? If you waste time is it lost forever? And if time is lost forever, what does that mean?

~ Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being

Having just finished watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, I find myself marveling at the minds of chess Grandmasters. When I play chess there might be a bit of planning, but my moves feel more like a guess and hope. ✍🏻