Walking into the kitchen this morning, the air smelt of freshly brewed coffee - delicious! ☕️

I was out on slug patrol tonight in the vegetable garden, I pick up snails & slugs and move them a long way away. I lifted up some parsley and saw something that I had never seen before - 40, 50, 60(?) baby snails. They are the grey dots on the earth.

I watched Rebecca on Netflix yesterday afternoon while the rain fell outside. It felt like a guilty pleasure that I haven’t indulged in for a while. 🍿

Patience and many crossed fingers was rewarded this afternoon with rain falling. We could have done with more, the ground needed it, but I’ll take what fell. Hopefully more next week. 🤞🏻

Well that last bank of cloud, although it got quite dark and big, was burnt out. I’m now resting my hopes on this second bank of cloud that is growing.

The clouds and wind are growing. I’m hoping that this means some rain after a very hot, dry spell. This is very much fingers crossed 🤞🏻 as rain has been forecast before and nothing materialized.

The airspace over Maui has definitely been busier in the last week. Not as busy as it was pre-pandemic, but busier since new COVID testing policies were introduced a week ago, making it easier to visit the island.

Giggle Hill, the name of the park and the hill, from the ground.

Plumeria flowers in Hana, Maui.

Found in an old journal entry dated Saturday, September 8, 2012,

Landscapes speak to us. We just need to listen.

Kyoto, Japan - October 2016.

The weather forecast has been for rain for a couple of days now, but none has manifest. Instead we have had hot 90F weather. I’m no meteorologist, but it is as though the heat is just evaporating the rain out of existence. The grass has gone from lush green to parched.

Memories of visiting Saiho-ji and it’s beautiful moss gardens in October 2016.

The carpet of moss in the garden.

And a magical grotto formed around a small lake.

You might have read this quote before, but I heard it for the first time last night, and it hit home,

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

~ Rabindranath Tagore

Happy memories of sitting around this fire pit last night, chatting until late.

While some COVID restrictions are still in place, Hawai’i is more open to visitors than it has been for six months. I saw three commercial and two private aircraft fly in today. Fingers crossed for how the next few weeks play out for the islands.

For the “A Day In The Life” Micro.blog photo challenge.

🗺 Lunch at All Kine Maui Grindz in Haiku Marketplace, Haiku, HI.
🕰 1:35PM HST
🍽 Eggplant tofu

I have reinstated my Now page.

The “A Day In The Life” photo challenge is making me realize how many opportunities for taking photographs that I miss !

Last Saturday a friend & I hiked Haleakala crater. We left the summit at just after sunrise and we’re back at our vehicle 8 hours later. We arrived at the summit just before sunrise, and as the sun crested over the horizon, the park rangers invoked a Hawaiian chant to welcome its arrival

Pre-sunrise it was cold 🥶. No amount of clothing seemed to keep the cold at bay, but as we set off the rising sun did its job of warming up the thin air.

And so we headed down into the crater. We were blessed with beautiful weather all day, the thinner air of altitude increasing the felt exposure to the sun.

On the way down we passed Silver Swords, a plant and species that is endemic to this crater.

Some of the views of the barren valley floor. Haleakala crater is actually a collapsed mountain. This explanation will not be very scientific, but there use to be a mountain “covering” this cater which has slowly eroded over the years.

Some of the iron and sulphur colouring of the rocks.

A local Né Né goose amidst changing vegetation.

An old lava tube with the preserved ripples of lava still visible.

Heading towards the wall that we would climb to leave the crater.

Views as we climbed out of the crater, first as the cloud rolled in from the east side of Maui, and then looking back into the crater. I left exhausted, aching (I’m still feeling it), but exhilarated and grateful for a wonderful day.

Early morning view.

A view from within Haleakala crater from yesterday’s walk.

Happy, unexpected discovery that I have a box half full of my favourite Tibetan incense.

I hiked for 8 hours through Haleakala crater yesterday with a good friend. We were gifted with beautiful weather. My body is feeling it this morning, but I am feeling grateful for doing the hike.

Just after this photograph was taken, and while we were enjoying a picnic dinner overlooking the ocean, the International Space Station flew over.