David Johnson

Slug patrol report - 4

I had an early start on slug patrol this evening, not too long after sunset. We have been having wet weather lately, and whether true or not I thought that it might make the slugs come out early. An early start or not there were a number of little (baby?) ones there, hiding among the young leaves. I really had to look closely, with the some slugs merging in well with the colour of the soil, or hiding under a leaf. One big one emerged as I was going through on a last look round. I got in just before the rain started again.

I might try again before going to bed. I’ll see how I feel.

I find myself egging on the young plants, to grow to big enough such that they can withstand the slugs, and so that we can benefit from their food.

Just seen elsewhere online. Credit to the (unknown) original poster.

Kinda feeling like the Earth just sent us all to our rooms to think about what we have done.

Slug patrol report - 3

Having thought that I was on top of the problem two nights ago, it seems that the slugs came out with reinforcements tonight.

I just saved a couple of plants (caught them just as the slugs started their meal), and barely saved a couple more (the slugs were well into dinner, but I think that there is enough life in the plant to survive).

The plants are almost at that point where they could sustain a bit of slug damage and survive, but not quite. I recognize that this is a part of nature’s cycle, but it always feels touch & go to me at this stage in the vegetable garden.

Rummikub to end the day.

The Plumeria flower, for me the scent of Hawaii. This flower was the first to flower on our tree, and fell to the ground today.

I have just updated my Now Page.

What a difference a year makes.

268 visitors arrived in Hawaii yesterday, 14 of them in Maui. On the same day last year 30,000 visitors arrived in the State.

From yesterday new arrivals (residents or visitors) are required to go into 14 day quarantine.

Well I safer with this arriving in the mail today! 🙄

It’s been said elsewhere, but sometimes just relocating to a different place in the house can up my productivity.

I am grateful for having nature and fresh air to enjoy at this time.

This evening’s sunset.

Feeling dirty, my new way of being?

I went out today to pick up a few needed odds and ends. I left home with a face mask and hand sanitizer. I put the face mask on in the two stores that I went into, used the hand sanitizer once I was back in the car, and where it was available I used the in store wipes to wipe the basket handles.

When I got home and had unloaded the car, I found myself feeling dirty, unclean. So I had a shower and put my clothes into the laundry.

Is this my new way of being? Am I getting paranoid? Am I over reacting? …Or is this a case of better safe than sorry?

A view from yesterday while out walking the road to Old Maui High. It was a stormy day, as is today.

Aiyee! The wind and rain this morning 💨☔️

I don’t drink, but when I opened the door to my truck yesterday evening it smelt strongly of alcohol. I can only think that it was due to my usage of hand sanitizer while running essential errands in town earlier that day, everytime that I came out of a store.

My wife and I took an early evening walk before dinner. Just through a local neighborhood, but I appreciated the time out, the exercise and some beautiful views of the ocean and cliffs.

The Governor of Hawaii has now mandated that from Thursday, March 26 all incoming visitors and residents must go into 14-day quarantine.

Can you see them? That is Saturn & Jupiter at dawn this morning.

Entertaining the three year old grandson as the world outside closes down.

Just back from the night time slug & snail patrol of the vegetable garden. I can report a handful of slugs, including three big ones, along with a family of snails - mum & dad and a lot of kids.

Well, now the roads to Hana have been closed to non-residents. This is to allow emergency and delivery vehicles to get through on what is a narrow road. There are only two ways to drive there, a front and back road, but both are big visitor attractions especially the front way.

The new edition of my Now Page is now up.

I feel very fortunate to have the men of The ManKind Project, Maui in my life.

The road to Hana looked quieter today. Still cars heading out on the highway, but not as many. A good friend told me that the Four Seasons Hotel on the South Side of the island is at 30% occupancy. It’s effecting jobs.

I have this sense of something approaching, and I don’t know how much is in my head and how much I am justified in feeling this way? I do know that I am grateful for modern communication given that I am so far from my sister (in New Zealand) and my parents (in Britain).