The front cover.

Yesterday, I watched the documentary My Octupus Teacher on Netflix. An extraordinary feature that I highly recommend. I was left wondering just how much our modern society has lost, or is missing. 🍿

I installed iOS 14 on my iPhone 7 Plus this morning. I am not sure how old this model is now, but it is no spring chicken in iPhone years! While I still have to explore the new features that I now have available to me, I am not noticing any speed lag yet, which I am happy about.

A mongoose visiting the flower bed just outside our house. I think that we have a family floating around the property. I have seen a couple of youngsters running around.

We unplugged yesterday and took a trip to Hana on the Eastern edge of Maui, spending the day with some friends at Hamoa Beach.

We took a brief break at Keanae from the twisty road to Hana, here looking westwards.

Once at Homoa, the Big Island was clear to see.

I took a nap (my view!)

And a view of Hamoa Beach as we left.

Seen on Twitter. I could feel the meaning in this,

Loneliness is the inability to speak with another in one’s private language.

~ Yiyun Li

Scenes from upcountry Maui.

Just listen. Recognize the tendency to want to save, and instead hold back and just listen.

This morning’s double rainbow. I had to use pano mode on my phone to capture this, it was so big. 🌈

Living in a hot, sunny climate, I find something comforting about waking up to a wet, overcast morning, especially when that morning is on a Sunday. I’m sure that this is related to my UK origins.

I find it interesting to watch my mind’s reaction when the internet goes down for a few hours. It’s not that I need to be online all the time, or that I don’t have a life away from the web, but I just notice the occasional twitches as my mind looks for distractions.

Currently reading: Sweet Bean Paste by Durian Sukegawa 📚

Well there’s something to send me off to bed with sweet dreams. The house just shook and the news subsequently reported that a 3.7 magnitude earthquake happened just down the road. So far no injuries or damage reported.

Those times when I try and avert my eyes from my todo list.

I have been visiting the ruins of Tintern Abbey since I was a kid. I like to be there after the day’s visitors have left, to sit beside the river Wye, taking in the stillness that inhabits this beautiful place.

Day 31 of mbaug

Back in the late 80’s when I was out discovering the world and myself. This slide is of Erhai Lake near the then small town of Dali, Yunnan, China.

Day 30 of mbaug

I feel that this door’s look benefits from the flaky look as the paint peels off. Taken in Hudson, NY last year.

Day 29 of mbaug

My wife will be arriving home tomorrow following the sad passing of my wonderful mother-in-law. We shall no longer look out over this Florida scene.

Day 28 of mbaug

This vehicle has been overcome by age.

Day 27 of mbaug

My local post office offers three reasons for wearing a mask in public during these times. These reasons come under the headings of,

  • Humility
  • Kindness
  • Community

Thank you Haiku Post Office.

The relentless expanse of the ocean. Hana, Maui. August 2016.

Day 26 of mbaug

Finished reading: Hardboiled and Hard Luck by Yoshimoto Banana 📚

Lacoste, France. September 2018.

Day 25 of mbaug

A snowman in my back garden when I lived in South Wales. March 2004.

Day 24 of mbaug

A Hawaiian blessing in Portland for a catamaran that had been built in the city, and was just about to head off across the Pacific for Maui. July 2009.

Day 23 of mbaug