I might be late to the game here, but thank you @vincent for the reply editing. 🙇🏼

I have just joined the Open Path Healing Collective which offers affordable services from qualified holistic health practitioners. I’m looking forward to working with them.

I made a Greek Salad last night as part of Mother’s Day dinner. No photographs, but it was well received by everyone (including me! 😏). I wanted to get it right and so I followed a recipe. If you are interested, here it is. Simple to make, delicious to eat.

Mother’s Day morning on the South side.

At my grandson’s school as the children danced round the Maypole this morning.

We watched the first two episodes of HBO’s new series Mare of Easttown last night. By the end of the second I was definitely pulled in. I’m looking forward to the rest of it, even if Kate Winslet struggles to break a smile!

Well it took a couple of months to complete, but today I pressed submit on my US Citizenship application. I always get nervous when completing official forms, regardless of who they are for, but I am pleased to have this one on its way.

OK, shutting the hatches back down. Heaviness drifting across my body again.

The second Moderna shot has hit me hard. I have spent most of today in bed, just resting, with a fair amount of sleep as well. I thought that I was perking up around lunchtime, got up for a small bite, and crashed again. Symptoms? Aches, fatigue and lethargic. // @JMaxB

Moderna #2 complete 💉

Today’s rainbow 🌈

Are any Micro.blog podcasters not seeing their podcasts update on Apple Podcasts or not appear in searches on the platform? I have published a new episode of my Behind the Thoughts podcast, but the it is not showing up in Apple Podcasts, or third party apps. 🎙

I just realized that today is May 1st (the day is still young here). Where is the year going? Slow down, please!

We spent yesterday at Launiupoko Beach Park on the south west side of the island. A welcome break & change of scenery. Compared to the wet & windy North Shore, the south west was warm & calm. I disconnected well (my phone stayed in my bag, so no photos) and returned home rested.

I was recently interviewed by Andy Mort for Episode 331 of his Gentle Rebel Podcast on the subject of Meditation. You can listen to our chat at the link above, or watch us on YouTube. Thank you to Andy for the invitation to the podcast. 🎙


Shadows & Pastels

Nasa successfully flies small helicopter on Mars.

I don’t know what use this will be in years to come, but I find thinking about the knowledge and expertise that went into making it happen, truly wonderful. Congratulations to all involved.

My iPhone 7 Plus is 4½ years old. Last week I took it out of the tattered case that it has sat in for that time. The phone looks like new! A new phone is on the horizon - the battery doesn’t hold a charge like it used to & it feels like a brick in my pocket - but not quite yet.

The clouds come down, the rain falls, the day closes in. Wanting some down time, the weather fits my mood…and need (less likelihood of working outside).

Please help me here. I type ‘spin’ into Apple’s iOS emoji search, and these two critters pop up as the only results,

🐡 & 🦔

How? What? 🤷🏼‍♂️

After spending two hours sitting in the dentist chair this morning, my only view being a light and two pairs of eyes staring down at me, I walked out of his office feeling as though I have been in a time warp.

What beautiful weather we are having. Absolutely gorgeous. Little wind, temperatures keeping it cool in the morning and evening, but warm enough during the day. Blue skies, sun and a smattering of cloud. It feels like there is magic in the air.

Office view this morning.

I spent some time this evening scrolling through the Discover feed of Micro.blog. It’s been said before, but what a wonderful community there is here!

I found this page from the BBC website helpful in explaining why vaccines alone will not stop COVID spreading.