Christmas 2018.

Day 10 of mbaug

Taken in the South of France (Arles, I think), September 2018.

Day 9 of mbaug

Currently reading: The Highly Sensitive Person’s Workbook by Elaine N. Aron Ph.d. 📚

For 16 years this view was my view. Sitting in South Wales, looking across the fields to the Black Mountains in the far distance (just out of view in this photograph).

Day 8 of mbaug

South Wales towards the Black Mountains

Listening to Saturday Morning, Lying in Bed by Indiemono, except that I have been up for a while. For the last few weeks, this playlist seems to have been my morning sound. 🎵

Currently reading: Hardboiled and Hard Luck by Yoshimoto Banana 📚

Weston-Super-Mare during the spring of 2016. The family and grandparents use to day trip here when I was a kid. Fond memories of riding on the donkeys, and trekking through the mud to the sea during low tide!

Day 7 of mbaug

Kyoto Gyoen (Imperial Gardens, Kyoto, Japan), September 2016.

Day 6 of mbaug

A second photograph for today’s August photo challenge. This one is taken at Daitoku-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan in October, 2016.

Day 5 of mbaug

Isle of Skye, Scotland. 2015

Day 5 of mbaug

The peace, for me, that comes through faith and practice.

Day 4 of mbaug

The struggle at times to simply write. I have to force myself to even just get messy and put anything onto ”paper”.

A centipede catching the early morning light. These critters have a very nasty bite as my wife can attest to. She needed antibiotics to manage the swelling. Stay away from them.

Day 3 of mbaug

Unrelated but happening now,

  • I can’t sleep,
  • It’s pouring with rain outside.

Currently reading: Dare to lead by Brené Brown 📚

I post a lot of sunsets here, and I couldn’t resist adding this evening’s to the mix.

Finished reading: Advice on Dying by 14th Dalai Lama 📚

Balloon Fiesta, Bristol, UK. August, 2015.

Day 2 of mbaug

Flatiron building, NYC, 2015.

Day 1 of mbaug

After a break of a month or so, I started my yoga practice again this morning. It felt in equal measure good and bad.

In June of 2019 there were 297,449 visitor arrivals to Maui.

In June of this year there were 1,929 individuals.

It’s a different world.

I experienced déjà vu this afternoon, of an English summer’s day. I think that it was because I was working outside in the garden, the sun was shining, the wind blowing and I could hear neighbours doing the same. It just took me home.

Finished reading: Kitchen by Yoshimoto Banana 📚

The sun setting after the passing of Hurricane Douglas. Here in this corner of Maui the storm was really pretty mellow. I hope that the same goes for others across the State.

I feel as though we have been receiving warnings about Hurricane Douglas’ imminent arrival since last night. It rained a little through the night, was humid this morning with little wind. It is 9:30am now and here comes rain. Time will tell how today plays out.