David Johnson

Reflections - sunset yesterday evening.

I’m considering exploring Mastodon, but I’m unsure where to start - ie which instance to use. Can any Mastodon users here on MB offer me some guidance? Maybe recommended clients to use - OS X & iOS. Thank you.

Sometimes I yearn for the quiet of the night.

Last night I disappeared down a YouTube rabbit hole of late 70’s, 80’s music. Music that defined my teenage years and early twenties. I don’t know how I ended up there, but there were some happy and melancholic memories.

I did not read all of this article, but I was struck that it’s subtitle that,

We all start out as a blank slate, whether we can think or not,

is a very big assumption. I would be interested to hear of any evidence that this is a 100% true statement.

Maui Now : Four More Inches of Snow in Forecast for Big Island Summits.

Here on Maui that is manifesting as rain, rain, rain, rain,…and more rain. I think that it has been raining, with varying degrees of intensity, since Wednesday last week. Flood warnings are out.

Books, my friends

I have downsized my books over the last few years. Living space has necessitated that. But I stand in front of my bookcase so grateful for the books that I have. They are my friends, my companions, a door way into another world. Depending on the nature of the book, that might be a place of imagination and escape, or it might be a place of learning and reflection.

And sometimes I pick up a book that I have not visited for a while, and “Oh” the joy of rediscovering that old friend and getting reacquainted.

I’m grateful for the books in my life.

I sometimes wish that every morning could be a Sunday morning. I’d probably wish otherwise if they were! 😉

What can happen in Maui when you go out to eat during heavy winter rain.

I have just updated my Now page, finally!

Holiday socializing is exhausting me this year

Socializing is exhausting me this Holiday season. This year, 2019/2020 just feels busier to me than previous or recent years. In part I think it is Christmas & New Year being in the middle of the week. Some people are taking more time off, stretching the week. I also think that it is with living in Hawaii. People are on vacation, even if I am not! So while it is great to see people, I am nearing burn out and looking forward to getting my rhythm back.

A Beautiful Start to the New Year

Last night I stayed up to see the New Year in for the first time for many years. I am not usually keen on New Year’s celebrations. But this year we had a small group of friends over for dinner. Jazz music played in the background. We sat and chatted, played charades and Apples & Oranges (a great card game if you have not heard of it) and before we knew it it was midnight. I finally got to bed somewhere past 2:00am. It was a lovely evening and a sweet way to see in 2020.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Off to see Bill Maher tonight at the MACC. His annual New Years show here on Maui.

Kona winds

The Hawaiian Islands are kept cool by NNE trade winds. Those are the winds that one experiences most of the time here. Occasionally those winds are replaced by Kona winds. These winds blow from the south and the weather becomes hot & muggy. For a couple of days over Christmas, Kona winds were blowing over Maui. With them the south shore became wetter than the north, it is normally the other way round, and the ocean on the north shore was pretty much calm - usually during the winter the surf returns to the north shore.

Last night the mugginess was broken by a torrential downpour on the north shore. It was welcome. Today, weak trade winds are blowing.

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Maui, though the weather is not that good today.

In case you or someone close to you is wondering where Santa is, here is the official NORAD Santa Tracker.

Views of the south shore of Maui and the West Maui Mountains, from up country.

Up country Maui.

The rain and strong winds of the last few days appear to have blown themselves out. This morning we are waking up to a quiet, still day, some scattered cloud but blue sky as well. It feels peaceful and restful.

Listening to Classical Sunday on Apple Music. 🎵

Fifteen years ago I was living in South Wales. Here is the view from my then home of the sun setting on the Winter Solstice.

Nighttime shadows.

Celebrating 12 years of marriage today. We are waking up to very stormy weather, so very unsure what we’ll do. Maybe just a sssslllllooooowwwwww day?

This evening’s sunset. Yes, for real.