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The case of the mysterious disappearing brocolli starts. We have put sand around them to prevent slugs. There is netting above to prevent birds. But now, two days after planting them, they have all gone - bar two in an adjoining raised bed. Does anyone have any ideas?

Evening fun.

I just pre-ordered The Highly Sensitive Man: Finding Strength in Sensitivity. It’s due out at the end of August. 📚

I’m helping a family member out with some filing, matching addresses up with names. The hundreds of addresses are on index cards stuffed into draws. I do not miss this way of keeping track of contacts!

Vegetable Garden Update.

Since planting out our vegetable garden we have had the case of the mysterious disappearing broccoli starts. Although there were no signs of slugs, yesterday I went to the beach to get some sand to put around the edge of the raise beds. Apparently for slugs it feels like glass to crawl across the sand. However, yesterday afternoon and this morning more broccoli plants had gone, as well as an ochre seedling. So we are now guessing that birds are the culprits and I covered the plants with netting. We’ll see if the remaining plants, remain.

This program is on HPR this evening, The Body Show: Treating Migraines. I hope that there are some gems in there, but as someone who has suffered from migraines for over 40 years and yet to find a real solution, I am sadly sceptical.

Now I’ll see how green my fingers are 🌱.

Life is about give and take, and it is about boundaries.

Off to see Long Shot tonight 🍿

Another day of low cloud, most and rain. Winter has returned, it would seem.

Today has had a very wintery feeling about it. I feel like hunkering down this evening.

Details from murals around Wailuku, Maui.

Detail of mural in Wailuku Food Court, showing a Main Street, Wailuku in 1900.

I’m pleased to get my first newsletter out using Buttondown. I made a couple of technical snafus, but with help sorted them out. If interetested, you can read the newsletter (and subscribe!) here.

Mother’s Day at Baby Beach, so called as a reef just off the shore creates a natural and safe pool for kids to swim and play in. Yesterday’s weather was near perfect, a good temperature and next to no wind. The beach was busy.

A request for help with DNS settings

Can the micro.blog community help me? I am rusty with setting up DNS records. I want to add a subdomain of the type mail.yourdomain.com so that I can send out my newsletter with Butterdown using that domain. My domain is hosted on Hover. My question is what would this new DNS record look like? What Type, Host & Value should I use in the DNS settings?

I’ve just discovered PopClip - a free trial is available on their website. It is also on the Mac App Store. It seems to be a useful tool. Does anyone have experience of using the app?

I have just put the 2nd edition of my Meditation eBook up on my website. Although titled that it is aimed at introverts and highly sensitive people, anyone who wishes to build a meditation practice will find benefit in it.

Today’s papaya harvest.

Finally waving the white flag and giving in to the migraine which has sat with me since this morning. They come out of the blue, unexpected. It could well be around for 3 days, but all being well that will be it for a month or two. 🏳️

The internet has just come back online after an almost 36 hour outage. No explanation appears to be available as to the reason, though I suspect that bad weather played a part. This was different than a voluntary period offline. I recognize my dependence on the online world!

Those times when your internet goes down and you start feeling those twitches of wanting to connect…

Sun, ocean and the island of Moloka’i in the distance. This evening at Ho’okipa cliffs.

Those times when I walk upstairs and for some reason, for seemingly no reason, I miss a step and have to quickly step on the next one up…??

A micro.blog feature request - an option to Reply All when replying to a conversation, with the possibility to delete names if they are not to whom you are writing.
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