Nasa successfully flies small helicopter on Mars.

I don’t know what use this will be in years to come, but I find thinking about the knowledge and expertise that went into making it happen, truly wonderful. Congratulations to all involved.

My iPhone 7 Plus is 4½ years old. Last week I took it out of the tattered case that it has sat in for that time. The phone looks like new! A new phone is on the horizon - the battery doesn’t hold a charge like it used to & it feels like a brick in my pocket - but not quite yet.

The clouds come down, the rain falls, the day closes in. Wanting some down time, the weather fits my mood…and need (less likelihood of working outside).

Please help me here. I type ‘spin’ into Apple’s iOS emoji search, and these two critters pop up as the only results,

🐡 & 🦔

How? What? 🤷🏼‍♂️

After spending two hours sitting in the dentist chair this morning, my only view being a light and two pairs of eyes staring down at me, I walked out of his office feeling as though I have been in a time warp.

What beautiful weather we are having. Absolutely gorgeous. Little wind, temperatures keeping it cool in the morning and evening, but warm enough during the day. Blue skies, sun and a smattering of cloud. It feels like there is magic in the air.

Office view this morning.

I spent some time this evening scrolling through the Discover feed of It’s been said before, but what a wonderful community there is here!

I found this page from the BBC website helpful in explaining why vaccines alone will not stop COVID spreading.

Heard yesterday,

You can add salt, but you can’t take it away.

From our home we are blessed with distant views of the ocean. I love to watch the weather roll in across that vast expanse of water. Right now dark storm clouds and rain are slowly erasing the ocean’s presence, creeping towards land.

Just back from an early morning visit to the Upcountry Farmers Market in Kula. Now for a late breakfast.

Me, “I’m going for a walk”

Gets in car, stops off at the post office, drives on to park where I plan to walk.

Falls asleep in the car! 😴🙄

Woken up to rain on the roof of the car.

Finally gets out to walk once the rain has stopped. 🏃🏼

Maybe this time, just maybe this time, the wet weather is on its way and things will start to dry up, and warm up here (though the cooler weather doesn’t go amiss).

I listened to episode 100 of @monday on the way to get my vaccine this afternoon. What a treat. Thank you @jean for hosting this and all the preceding episodes (& much more), @manton for creating, and @patrickrhone for being a fabulous guest. So much in there.

No. 1

OK, I’m heading in for my first Moderna shot. Although I know that I am not the first person to be vaccinated and won’t be the last, this feels like a turning point thinking back to how things were a year ago.

Human knot tying ahead.

Just finished a chaotic but fun Easter breakfast with the grandkids. Thank goodness that eating outside was an option as…, let’s just say that not all the food ended up in people’s mouths! 🤦🏼‍♂️😄

I head out for my first bike ride for an age….and the heavens decide that the rain from a couple of weeks ago wasn’t quite enough! At least it is warm here, because it is not dry right now. 🌧🚴🏻‍♂️

I am a complete novice at this, and so am maybe asking something that is not possible. Is there a tool, preferably a Mac app but I’m interested in anything, that extracts text from a JSON file?

I have my first COVID vaccine shot scheduled for Tuesday afternoon of next week. 💉🦠

Sitting next to me yesterday morning, my 4 year old grandson looked up at my bookshelves and asked, “Grandpa, have you read all of those books?”

With some humility I replied, “Not all of them,” while my mind tried to quickly do the math and work out the actual figure!

It amazes me that however often I read through something that I am writing, I still seem to come up against typos, repeated words, and other miscellaneous mistakes. Though I think that I sometimes use that as an excuse not to hit publish…there might be an error!

Views of Lana’i.

The different islands Hawai’ian islands all have their own vibe. Lana’i was relaxed, quiet, and restful. I was going to say pristine as well, except it used to be covered in pineapple fields. It is now 98% owned by Larry Ellison who has put a lot of money into Lana’i. This includes upgrading facilities for the 3,000 residents who live there, and working on establishing sustainable agricultural on island in the next five years.

We returned to Maui yesterday after two nights on Lana’i, my first time off island since July 2019.