David Johnson

Sometimes the challenge within meditation is to stay present with yourself when a difficult emotion arises. To constantly return to the object of meditation, just observing, noting and letting go of the emotion. And sometimes it’s best just to take a break.

After reading @philipbrewer’s recent blog post I decided to head to the nearby cliffs at Ho’okipa this afternoon to take a walk overlooking the ocean.

A bed of fragrant plumeria awaits the arrival of the husband and wife to be.

Not touching things does not appear to be an option for my three year old grandson. He is led by curiosity, which is wonderful to behold, and closely followed by an adult looking to protect property or limbs!

When I am looking for space in my life, the place to go might not be a physical place, but instead inside myself by quieting my mind. Techniques are many, but might include focusing on one’s breathing, or focusing on that grounded sensation of one’s feet on the floor.

I saw the Korean film, Parasite, last night. I highly recommend it. Well acted and with a couple of unexpected twists in the later parts of the film. 🍿

With autumn weather now here, although the days have been unseasonably hot and dry, mornings have felt cold enough to open the windows and doors to let the fresh air in and listen to the dawn chorus.

Until last night we have not had much rain over for a month. With only a new moon, the plus side of that has been cloud free skies at night and Observatory like patterns of stars, the Milky Way included, covering the space above us.

Sunrise a couple of mornings ago.

Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning.

It was actually quite a pleasant day, though I am still yearning for that rain.

It can be frightening to be vulnerable, to take off the armour that I put up to make myself appear in the world the way that I feel that I should so that I am not judged. It takes courage to be vulnerable and let others see the real me (you).

Is there a Microblogvember pin? Not that I need one to take part in the challenge, but I thought that I heard mention of one? 😉 // @macgenie @manton

I’m trying to stick to getting one job done today, before moving onto something else and instead of bouncing between jobs which usually sees a drop in my productivity.

What a blessing. It looks as though it will be overcast today, giving us a break from a very hot November sun.

Thinking back to the streets that I have lived on since I was a child, and the stories that they can tell about my life.

Sometimes it is good to get down to ground level, to lie on the ground, feel its solidness beneath you, notice the details, the cut grass, the smells, and then just stare into the distance, at ground level.

I wondered if anyone here has used AirTable? I came across it while reading this article on the BBC website. I can’t quite understand what it offers, probably best just to try it, but I would be interested to learn of experiences.

Four days into Microblogvember, and I am having to think hard as to how to use the words that @macgenie is sharing with us. Or perhaps I am taking this too seriously? I mean if I am deciding to post, surely it should make some sense? I guess that humour and fun are not my forte?!

Fancy is an interesting word. On the one hand it can be a description of design, “what a fancy house.” At the same time it can speak to liking something or someone, “I fancy that dress.” Then again it can speak to mistaken belief, “He fancied that he had seen her before.” Others?

I live on an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean with many beautiful beaches, but I don’t visit them that often. Today was an exception, and I appreciated just immersing myself in nature, literally and figuratively. So much so that I didn’t even think to take a photo. 🏖

The mark of a good morning for me is one where I have some quiet time to sit, reflect, meditate and write before the busyness of the day sets in. Workdays, weekends or holidays, my day starts well when those few ingredients are involved.

The key to getting back in the saddle and reigniting my love of cycling has been to just do it. Last week I went into our back shed, pulled my two bicycles out, gave them a good clean, and put some air into the tyres. Since then I have been out for a ride every day but one.

I’m going to give Microblogvember a go and see how I get. All the way to the end of the month hopefully. Thank you @macgenie for setting this up.

Playing the Halloween humbug tonight. The rest of the family have gone out to take my grandson trick or treating, at 3 he is beginning to get it (at least that candy is involved). I felt more like a quiet evening in. 🎃👻

The Crescent Moon and Jupiter (if you zoom in) low in the sky as the sun sets.

Christmas has landed in Lowes…in September!? 😳🙄