David Johnson

Moon rise over the Barn.

I woke up this morning to the Full Moon setting, perfect light and the birds singing.

Wow! It is so quiet and still this morning. Ssshhhh…

The colours of nature. Chard, Collard Greens & Kale freshly harvested from the garden.

I don’t know if this is just a US thing, but can someone tell me why after a holiday weekend does my online banking have a list of pending transactions? Do computers take the weekend off as well?

I have just finished reading Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up by Jerry Colonna. A wonderful and inspiring read, fed even more by Colonna’s sharing of his own vulnerability. 📚

Labor Day harvest. The first pineapple that I have ever picked from my front yard…anywhere. 🍍

Two young Bismarck Palms guarding the gate.

The Highly Sensitive Man by Tom Falkenstein has been published in English and dropped onto my Kindle last night. It has come with high praise. I’m looking forward very much to reading this. 📚

I just discovered this super simple, stripped down Twitter app for iOS. It is called Readme, and just shows your main timeline and your lists. That’s it. You can’t do anything else with it. Kinda nice. It will sit on my phone for a little while.

I have finally got around to updating my micro.blog site to include the new Photos page. This has revealed a need to tidy up my photos from back when I imported them from Instagram. Remove duplicates and hastags…I’ll be on this off and on for a day or two!

I’ve just updated my Now page.

The vegetable garden is looking a bit sparse at the moment, at least compared with how it has looked. Still plenty growing though. We have added three more boxes. One contains just flowers. There are tomatoes, peppers, carrots, arugula, broccoli, kale, mint, basil in there. That’s actually quite a lot!

Listening to The Lark Ascending, by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Such a beautiful piece of music, and so evocative of the British summer and the bird after which it is named. It carries me back home. 🎵

I’ve found it! The version of Bridge Over Troubled Water that Paul Simon played here on Maui. He introduced it by saying that after writing it when he was 28, sharing it with many artists, he was now taking it back. Beautiful.

I got some writing done today. That felt good.

Is there a race on?

Five and a half hours standing in a hot storage room while working today. Lying on my bed feels like the right thing to do right now! 🛏️

An Evening with Paul Simon

Yesterday I spent a wonderful evening at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center at Paul Simon’s second of two shows on the island. Although officially retired from touring, Simon shared that the concerts were a “thank you” to the island now that he lives here. All profits from the shows are going to two Hawaiian environmental projects - Auwahi Forest Restoration Project and Kua‘āina Ulu ‘Auamo (KUA).

What to say about the concert? There was so much. I feel as though I need to sit through it again, and again, and again…just to take it in. The band of 14 were tight, some of them being local musicians, and included horns, percussion and strings. During a set that lasted two hours, Simon played from a huge back catalogue and even then just touched the surface of his over 50 year long career - he is 77. And he did not sit on the laurels of the original arrangements. Songs were reworked, extended, but were still the favourites from when they were originally released. His version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was beautiful.

During the evening, Simon was joined separately on stage by two other musicians who live on Maui. Hawaiian slack guitarist Keola Beamer, who as well as singing a Hawaiian song with Simon also sung his own song, Honolulu City Lights, while Simon stepped back. Towards the end of the show, Michael Murphy came on to play a reworked, and apparently little rehearsed version of Cecillia.

With the band having left the stage, and the clock passing two hours, Paul picked up his guitar and started playing the first few bars of “Sound of Silence”. He was ending with the song that had started his career.

Thank you Paul for a wonderful evening and for the music. That was a truly memorable concert.

Beware of hiding yellow jackets

My face looks as though I have had half a dozen fillings. Yesterday while outside working on something in the garden which I am now told want work - grumble, grumble, but that’s another story - I was stung by a yellow jacket. For now it is mildly uncomfortable and looks as though I’ve out on weight in my face. My wife says that my face looks like Joe from Family Guy!

I’m looking forward to seeing Paul Simon at the MACC, his second of two nights there. My plan is to leave my phone at home, or at least buried deep in my pocket if I need it to find friends, instead of watching the concert through the camera.

I saw The Farewell at the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the movie worthy of its good reviews, and found it refreshing to watch a film for the most part situated in a culture other than Hollywood and that I am not so familiar with. 🍿

Bear falls on California patrol car, causing crash and fire. Thankfully there were no serious injuries, though they can’t be sure about the bear as it fled the scene!

Sunset from the cliffs at Ho’okipa this evening.

I’m pleased that the weekend is here. It will be over soon enough, but for now I am pleased that it is here. My wife & I spent this evening at the cliffs at Ho’okipa with friends, chatting and watching the sunset.